Hate to admit it, but taking headshots is like swallowing nails to me. I hate everything about it. Weeks of combing through my closets … do I have the right clothes? Going through my most recent auditions with a fine-tooth comb making sure I am crystal clear about my “types.” Booking with my hairdresser at the last minute.

But, the one thing that DOESN’T stress me out is my photographer … and I rely on one of the best. Joanna DeGeneres (yes, she’s Ellen’s sister-in-law) is my go-to gal for any sort of headshot. Joanna has photographed me for a while now. She totally understands my neuroses associated with headshots and completely puts me at ease. She blasts Justin Timberlake for me. Combines clothes to make new outfits out of things I would have never paired, and most importantly, gets me to relax.

So, presenting my latest round of headshots, courtesy of the uber-talented Mrs. DeGeneres! Can’t wait to put them to work this year!