What happens when a detail-obsessed woman tries to time the birth of her child to occur during her favorite month of the year? Nine months of chaos – in utero and out!

A hilarious and poignant look at motherhood and the need to control, October Baby is a show not to miss. The show debuted in Los Angeles in winter 2017 and has since toured throughout the U.S. at various Fringe Festivals. Audiences rave: 

“A brutally honest, bold & beautiful show. It goes straight for the heart and then right to the soul!”

“Brooke is a force of nature. Funny, dramatic, real.”

“The musicality and timing of this piece is a study in storytelling.”

“A powerhouse of intelligence, wit and humor.”

“Hysterically funny, entirely touching…this is why I come to see live theatre.”

In honor of her favorite month, Brooke turned the show into a series of webisodes are now available on YouTube. Click here to binge!