I discovered  in 2015. If you’ve never listened to it on NPR or seen it live in person, treat yourself. The Moth is a national storytelling organization based out of NY. Started back in the ’90s and has grown to numerous cities throughout the U.S. One of the monthly events they host is the “StorySlam.” In LA, there are 3 StorySlams per month. Each one is themed. Storytellers show up, throw their name in a hat and 10 lucky people get picked to go up on stage and tell a true story on the topic without notes.

In May 2019, I returned to The Moth/StorySlam after a 2.5 year hiatus (I was busy touring my solo show, October Baby). The theme was “Mama Rules,” and I was honored to get picked. Click here to see my story of what NOT to do when telling your daughter about the birds and the bees!